Auditions will look different, during COVID.

Click the button below to submit a video of you singing a song!

The form will be open from the 10th to the 15th of this month. 



​Typically an audition is:

  • 3-5 minutes (super short!)

  • You sing a verse and chorus of any song. It can be from any genre!

  • Let us know if you are able to beatbox

​You will be notified by email if you are invited to our callbacks!


What makes us different from the other groups?
There are currently 7 a cappella groups on campus. The gender inclusive groups, aside from the Mamajamas, are the Bobolinks and the Mountain AyresThe Dissipated Eight and Stuck in the Middle are the University’s all-male groups, while the Paradiddles and the Mischords are the two female groups. Students are encouraged to audition for multiple groups!

Can I audition for more than one group?
Absolutely. Most people audition for more than one group! If you are asked to more than one group’s callback you may attend both, and if you are accepted into multiple groups, you will ultimately only be able to choose one to commit to.

What are rehearsals like?
​We rehearse 3 times a week for a total of 5 hours. The commitment level is high but it does not prohibit you from doing other activities! Many of our members are also members of other clubs, and we currently have three singers who are also on varsity sports teams. 

Celebrating Nick Smith's birthday on Fall Tour!