If you are a pre-2011 Mamajama, we do not have pictures of you, so please send one.

If you are a pre-2008 Mamajama, please send a photo, your grad year, and your name to this email below, so you can be included on this page!

Visit the Mamajamas Tumblr, active from 2011-2017:

Class of '11: Ali McAnaney, Sam Robinson, Abe Katz 
Class of '10.5: Jess Minton, Casey Donahue 
Class of '10: Kate Lupo 
Class of '09.5: Emily Kron
Class of '09: Alex Braunstein, Bill Souser, Catherine McCarthy 
Class of '08.5: Patch Culbertson
Class of '08: Matt Boucher, Alec Strum, Anna Furney, Caroline Kelly
Class of '04.5: Cassidy Freeman

Class of '03: Drew Miller